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In the past, when I worked as a sound designer, I had to understand the meaning behind each scene and craft an appropriate sound. When I worked as an instructor, I catered each lesson to as many students as possible so no one falls behind. 

These jobs influenced my abilities as a UX Designer by helping me to come up with the meaning behind each design decision. In teaching, the challenge of balancing learning with fun is just like how a site has to balance being functional with being satisfying to interact with.

I love creating new things and helping others to realize ideas. I'm a huge nerd so when I'm not working, you'll probably find me painting miniatures or playing board games with friends. 


I have many hobbies that keep me occupied!

When I'm not UX designing, you'll usually find me sound designing for indie films and games! I also started picking up miniature painting recently.

Feel free to check out my other work!

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